Sunday, 18 September 2011

Post number one!

Studying fashion journalism, I thought I'd use this blog to practice my writing, whilst sharing my love for all things fashion, with also a few things here and there on music, film and all that.

I’ve always enjoyed writing from an early age and the dream of being a fashion journalist seemed like the perfect idea of combining my fascination of the media and my love of fashion. Fashion is a form of art. It can be used as a platform to spread a message (whether it be Henry Holland doing tongue-in-cheek, or Katharine Hamnett campaigning for rights.) But most importantly, fashion is used as self-expression. People use their outfit as a way of  describing themselves; a small insight to what kind of person they may be. That’s what I love. 

Furthermore, I admire how fashion is not just about colours and cuts. It can be used as a microcosm to a certain time or era. For example, the flapper dresses of the 20s—when prohibition was at its peak and hemlines suddenly got shorter. Anything and everything from music, history and society can affect how designers create collections and how the public wear them. That’s what makes fashion ever-changing (and never boring!)

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  1. well, i must say you're a great writer. i just read through your posts, and you really drew me in, and i really enjoyed it. (fyi, i studied journalism in college). hope nothing but the best on your blog, and i am your new follower. :) hope we can stay connected. cheers!