Sunday, 2 October 2011

Moshi Moshi presents

It's almost stupid to think that using the beautiful seaside attraction of Margate (and the Turner Contemporary) as a backdrop to live music hasn't been thought of before. Last night was home to the wonderful Tom Williams and the Boat, Psychologist and Slow Club, as part of a showcase from London-based label Moshi Moshi.

First was Tom Williams and the Boat, a 6-piece hailing from Tunbridge Wells. Before introducing a song, Williams jokes how a review of a recent gig stated that "there were 2 really angry songs and the rest were limp, country songs." Having seen the band twice, (in a week) it's very much evident that there is nothing limp about their songs and their execution. The opening guitar on Get Older sets up a punch served by the foot-tapping interludes between Williams' dark, strong vocals, whilst stand-out song 90mph presents a beautiful amalgamation of guitars, drums and saxophone.

Before Psychologist even approaches the stage, the dark, ominous tones of the music has already started. Without a single word sung, the audience's attention is already caught. As the set is in full swing, Iain Woods is almost caught in a trance, throwing himself around the stage - his moves captivating the audience. Though Psychologist isn't a case of style over substance - this guy can sing. Woods' powerful vocals only add to the chilling violins, as supplied by Maddie Rix and Emma Goldie and make for an intense live performance.

Finally, the night ends with a set from Sheffield 2-piece, Slow Club. Not wanting to waste time, the duo launches straight into the unapologetically catchy Where I'm Waking - fresh from the band's second album, Paradise. With the exception of Our Most Brilliant Friends, the set consists of mostly new songs but didn't disappoint in supplying the crowd with heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by punchy riffs and laced with faultless harmonies that Slow Club are loved for. A new addition of a saxophone/bass player and drummer, as well as Rebecca switching from guitar to drums and back again makes the live set-up even more worthwhile. As their  first release of their new album, Two Cousins draws to a close, the crowd erupts in applause. Charles and Rebecca, endearingly unaware, jump off stage in search for a local nightclub. A gig worth making the 2 hour 30 minute journey back home for.

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