Thursday, 29 September 2011

Fashion moment piece

I've always enjoyed writing from an early age. In year 5, I remember writing article after article and thinking that I wanted to do more of this as a career. You could argue that I'm describing a cliché, but I've always wanted to be a journalist. It was something that made me happy - even at the tender age of 10 years old.

I couldn't pinpoint a 'favourite fashion moment' or the time when I realised that I wanted to be a fashion journalist. I've always known that I've wanted to write, but the field in which I'd focus was unfamiliar to me until a few years ago. Similar to any other girl my age, I loved clothes. Stereotypical as it may seem, I loved nothing more but admiring unattainable pieces from my treasured magazine collection. But what made me want to pursue fashion as a career, was what fashion meant to me. As well as being a platform on which many a designer would create amazing pieces, I saw it as a form of self-expression. It was interesting to think that one outfit could convey so much about one's self, without a single word spoken. It could be an insight into their life; a microcosm of personality. With my love of smart trousers, Breton tops and my faithful leather jacket, I'd like to think that I come across as someone who always looks smart and presentable, sophisticated, ridiculously cool. Despite the fact that you may take a look at me in velvet dungarees, band t-shirts and dresses (purchased from the kids section) and think that I generally have the aesthetic of a child.

Additionally, my older sister was a big inspiration. She's worked her way up from receiving a D in A-level art, to becoming the retail recruitment assistant for Mulberry (which she doesn't let me forget!) She was the one who suggested a career as a fashion journalist and taught me to always work hard for what I want, because it's never going to be handed to me. As much as I love the way Luella does ditsy florals, how Christopher Kane could make neon look demure and sophisticated, or how Rodarte makes me want to live in dresses made from chiffon and tulle, I would have to call my sister my 'fashion moment.'

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