Thursday, 5 April 2012

9 to 5

Blazer - £55, Shorts - £38,

After watching The Apprentice on a Wednesday evening, it's evident that whilst the candidates claim to be innovators in business, they tend not to be in fashion. This is why they should get themselves down to Oasis for this tropical print suit. 

It's time to stop the ill-fitting tailoring, cap sleeves and questionable shirt/eyeshadow colour matching. People are more likely to take you seriously (and buy your chutney) if you're donning one of the key trends of Spring/Summer.

However, if shorts are too much for the office, Oasis stocks a full skirt and a pencil skirt in the same pattern. So there really is no excuse. I just want someone to rock a bold print in the boardroom. Anyone.

PS. If tropical isn't your thing, head to River Island for this blazer and these trousers in a lovely blue paisley print. 

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