Tuesday, 24 January 2012

If you're not busy...

get yourselves to London to see Everything Is Electrified by artist, Joe Simpson. The exhibition takes the unlikely subject of pylons and follows Musician Portraits - previously featured on the blog here.

Speaking to Simpson in the run-up to the exhibition, the artist says:

"Whilst I was preparing for the musician portraits exhibition, I wanted to keep creating art, but to do something quite different as a creative break. I wanted to make paintings that I could do with minimal source material and that wouldn’t rely on sitters. I’ve always been interested in bold skies and clouds and started to make landscapes. I wanted to contrast the sprawling natural shapes of the skies with straight, formal and rigid imagery – so started to draw pylons and transmission towers over the top.  I’ve always liked pylons and wires across the skyline, they feel quite cinematic – like they appear in a Spielberg movie."

PS. if you were wondering, the title of the exhibition comes from this song...

Electrified - Ben Sollee

Everything Is Electrified runs from January 20th – 30th, 2012 at Camden Town Unlimited everyday 12pm – 8pm.

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